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news on tv logo is part of the Alarm Media entertainment & business network created and owned by Click as a Flash. Alarm Media's business division includes sites such as Domain Name Explosion (info about the new top level domains that will begin launching in 2013), The Brand Domains (a comprehensive website about the game-changing dot brands that are on the horizon from around 680 of the world's major corporations), Super Monopolies (news and opinion about the threat of closed registries for new gTLDs, [generic top level domains]), Deal Names & TechBrand (stores to buy domain names), Business Equipment Insurance (basic info about important business insurance), Tasmania Travel, Buy Pastamakers & How To Make, People Posters an online poster store with thousands of posters for sale (in association with Metaverse®) and Time in NY, which presents the exact time in New York and interesting travel info.

news on tv logo

The Alarm Media group is building a network of humor, fiction, adventure & entertainment sites. The network is centred around the Tortoise Islands, the last place where dinosaurs still walk the earth, and stories featuring Alarm Media properties are covered in Loungecast magazine. For example: Kingpin Tin — the world's largest robot and the World Chaos Disorganization — a huge conglomerate head-quartered in the Tortoise Islands. These thrilling entertainment sites may be visited via the links below.


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Netsite Domains and TechBrand are online resources where you can buy domain names for business, media, apps and startups.


1930 applications for 1409 new domain extensions were received in 2012 which will begin launching in late 2013. Joining the existing domain strings on the net will be two exciting new categories — brand domains and city domains. More than 600 of the world's largest corporations are about to launch their own private internets. Some people say the new domains will revolutionize the internet.


Many applications have been made for closed registries on some of the new generic domain strings under consideration. Regrettably there is no mandatory requirement that the millions of names possible under these extensions be offered for resale to other businesses or the general public. This has led to the disturbing possibility of unprecedented global super monopolies being created.

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